Energy projects that push boundaries.

With extensive expertise as an experienced investor, developer and operator of complex energy projects we have extensive knowledge in the field of renewable energies and energy efficiency.

Everything is energy

This is the future: Green hydrogen

Hydrogen derivatives offer a broad spectrum of industrial applications. We create international supply chains for German industry through the production, distribution and import of green energy sources. To this end, we are cooperating with partners from various continents and countries and making a contribution to the climate-neutral transformation of German industry.

Energy centres and energy grids

Highly efficient energy generation from renewable sources and intelligent energy distribution – these are the most important functions of our energy centres. With our expertise in this area, we are happy to make our contribution to ensuring a stable, sustainable and decentralised energy supply. This is the energy transition in action.

The largest heat supply contract in the history of the Free State of Bavaria: The new energy centre at Straubing Prison.

A new energy centre for around 600 households in Bamberg: Highly efficient and with intelligent control.

Energy Centre Parsberg: A highly efficient district heating network paired with our own control software.

Energy Centre Nittenau to supply municipal buildings and large consumers.

A new energy centre in Mallersdorf secures the energy supply for a school centre and other buildings.

Large-scale photovoltaic systems

The sun as a source of energy:Our large-scale photovoltaic systems are primarily built on special sites, without competing uses or sealing off valuable areas, and generate electrical energy from sunlight on a large scale This energy reaches industrial consumers directly via PPAs.

Pilsting Solar Power Plant: Intelligent development concept for subsequent industrial utilisation.

Mallersdorf Solar Power Plant: Renaturalisation of a former gravel pit.

Dietersburg Solar Power Plant: A former sand mining area with a complex elevation profile.

Schierling Solar Power Plant: Efficient use of a residual area between two railway lines.